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Work Boots

Provides two E2E participants with the work boots they need to transition from incarceration to employment.

Gas Cards

Provide gas cards for a newly employed person with barriers to get to work. Once employed, E2E clients are given a gas card, after producing proof of employment.

Bus Passes

Provide monthly bus passes to four newly employed E2E clients with barriers. This transportation is critical in the first two months for employment continuity.

On-Demand Training Modules

Sponsor the Self-Paced On-Demand Training Modules for clients looking to sharpen or learn skills to improve their career-ready options.

Work Boots and Safety Supplies

Provides work boots and safety supplies to equip one class of Project OPEN pre-apprenticeship construction graduates.

E2E Coach Sessions

Provide coaching session for E2E clients by guiding, mentoring and building valuable skills to prepare for a career that aligns with their core interests, values and talents.