The E2E Empowerment to Employment Program

E2E Empowerment to Employment Program

The E2E Empowerment to Employment program offers expert guidance, to help participants: 

  • Get and stay healthy 
  • Secure a job or a better job 
  • Learn how to spend and save money 

A trustworthy trio of agencies that includes The Osceola Council on Aging, University of Florida/IFAS Osceola County Extension Services and Community Vision have come together to change lives and create a one of a kind health-to-wealth program. Funded with a United Way Impact Grant this program assists long-term, unemployed and underemployed individuals to get physically healthy, employable and financially sound. With a personal time commitment of just 25 hours over the course of several months, participants receive FREE training and tools to help them set personal and family goals. The first and most important being to adopt a healthy lifestyle, the first step in getting a job and being successful, budgeting and finance, making the most of your paycheck no matter what it is and being work ready, providing the skills and tools to get and keep a job. The goal of our Work Ready program is to create a healthy workforce, ultimately creating a healthy community.

Qualifications for the E2E Empowerment to Employment Program Include but are not limited to: 

  • Must reside in Osceola County; 
  • Must have two forms of ID (I.e. valid driver’s license & social security card) 
  • Must have employment barriers resolved (I.e. housing, transportation, childcare, etc.) 
  • Must be in good physical condition; and, 
  • Must be MOTIVATED to become and stay employed. 

This program made possible through a generous Heart of Florida United Way IMPACT grant! 

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