A Mid-Year Appeal

Community Vision is a unique non-profit primarily functioning in the community to lead, convene around issues, identify volunteers, resources, collaborative agencies, stakeholders and create collective impact.

A Mid-Year Appeal

A Mid-Year Appeal - Community VisionCommunity Vision is a unique non-profit primarily functioning in the community to lead, convene around issues, identify volunteers, resources, collaborative agencies, stakeholders and create collective impact. Our primary measure for effective outcome is engagement numbers and targeted impact.

Community Vision has been a leader in solution development for a number of important initiatives. We craft solution development based on broad committee commitment and then identify organizations best suited to sustain the effort, functioning as the interdisciplinary facilitator and subject matter expert or project lead.

We currently have four pillars that are the basis of our on-going work. They are:

  • Creating a leader-full community
  • Poverty Elimination
  • Outreach and Connectivity
  • Health Leadership

Our intended impact is ambitious particularly faced with the crisis of our Counties Challenges in poverty; influx of low skill/low wage populations, reduced number of skilled or educated labor force, insufficient housing, alarming numbers of chronic disease and increase in AIDS and ever increasing healthcare costs. This statement is the community’s vision: We are a proud caring community that celebrates our environment, diversity and heritage while using an energetic approach in shaping our future. This statement reflects the vision of over 2,000 from all walks of life who annually participate in vision sessions. Community Vision mission is to achieve the community’s vision bringing together people and resources for a healthy, high functioning, sustainable, dynamic community well into the future.

Community Vision has achieved several significant milestones;

  • Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Leadership Osceola
  • Being awarded a $1 million dollar endowed by Florida Hospital
  • Winning the Bank of America Neighborhood Builder Award
  • The 20th birthday of Community Vision

Creating a Leader-full community:
A Mid-Year Appeal - A Leaderful Community - Community VisionLeadership is a way of life and is cornerstone to the organizational culture of Community Vision. Community Vision has conducted Leadership training for 27 years.
The goal of this initiative is to develop a leader-full community on all levels and infuse new leadership of all ages into the community.
This program trains 25-35 business, civic and non-profit participants in a curriculum that exposed them to key community elements, leaders, challenges and amenities.

Since 1989 over 500 individuals have participated in this training program. Many of today’s leaders in every sector of Osceola Industry and Government has participated.

Community Leadership Training has been proven to attribute to a more successful and engaged future for stakeholders and increases the potential of professional development across all sectors. The study that produced the evidence supporting this data was conducted by Paul Born a highly respected international author and researcher and the Institute for Community Engagement.

Each year Community Vision keeps tuition for this program to a minimum. The costs to sustain the program however, escalate annually. Every year small businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs seek to participate often needing to barter services or requesting scholarship funding. Community Vision needs help keeping this program open and available to all. Seeking on average a need to raise $15,000.00 annually in shortfall.

Poverty Elimination:
A Mid-Year Appeal - Poverty Elimination - Community VisionCommunity Vision launched Project OPEN and in just 2 years this program has been recognized as a national best practice.

The program is providing low-income residents with access to education, the program includes, study skills, financial training and workforce development services for the purpose of giving disadvantaged families and individuals a “hand-up” in moving from poverty to long term economic stability.

Project OPEN, was the recipient of the 2015 Audrey Nelson Community Development Achievement Award. This program has been hailed by the National Community Development Association (NCDA) as a best practice model worthy of replication nation-wide. The Audrey Nelson Community Development Achievement Award, bestowed annually by the NCDA, recognizes local projects across the United States that represent exemplary use of CDBG funds.

The growth and interest in this program has been huge. The population in Osceola County who are living in poverty today with the right training and coaching can become self-sustaining. This program receives grant funding for direct program costs. It is the facilities, administration and support costs that must be met through the generous support of individuals and corporate sponsorships.

This year Community Vision will steward over $180,000.00 of grant funding paying for tuition, staff salaries and supplies. The organization must raise another $180,000.00 for the back office; software, computers, marketing material, applicant tracking, reporting, office supplies, management, accounting, rent, utilities, furniture and numerous other administration costs not covered through grants.

Work Ready is a program that aide’s applicants to prepare for successful long term employment. With a boot camp and guidance this program and its exclusive curriculum places over 50 people in new jobs annually. Taking clients from poverty to sustainable employment. This program funded in part through United Way Grant is a staff and resource intensive program. The success of the program is changing lives and advancing the needs of employers and business through the area who seek qualified employees.

Each year this program seeks $25,000.00 in unrestricted funding for the administrative needs not supported through grant and program direct funding.
Outreach and Connectivity:
Playgrounds, Block Parties, Community Surveys, Volunteerism, resource information are all part of the services culture created and sustained by Community Vision. Partners like, KUA, Tupperware, Kaboom are all major sponsors with these community based initiatives.

These are highly interactive and citizen driven initiatives for the good of our community. Community Vision is always seeking new partners with new ideas about how to keep the community happy, healthy and involved. Dedicated to community outreach contact us if you have a desire to make an impact and sponsor a local initiative.

Health Leadership:
A Mid-Year Appeal - Health Leadership - Community VisionThe Health Leadership Council consists of over 40 healthcare champions from around the Central Florida area. Holding 6 summits including participation from all healthcare providers. Saving millions of dollars through effective strategies in healthcare. The Council is concerned with aiding Osceola County in pursuit of excellence for healthcare initiatives that impact crisis numbers of those suffering from lack of insurance, seniors aging, chronic disease management, low income resources to specialty care, access to well care and the list goes on.

The Council is supported through a generous endowment made by Florida Hospital. Each year the council seeks to evaluate and learn from the local medical community. If you are interested in participation, donating to specific areas of care and or interested in providing care, please contact Community Vision today!

Community Vision has been an excellent steward of the programs, initiatives, concerns and needs of those living and working in Osceola County. Generally behind the scenes, always at the table and working for the good of the community. Community Vision sees a brighter tomorrow and is making a difference today in the lives of so many.

Becoming our partner, investing in the work we do is about making a commitment to a place we all want to continue to call home; Osceola County. At its core our work in Leadership, Poverty Elimination, Outreach and Connectivity and Healthcare are critical.

We have done great things, helped numerous people changing lives for good. We have much more to do…we need your help. This year is almost half over and yet we still need to raise $95,000.00 in additional funding for 2016.

Thank you for your thoughtful time and consideration.

Give what you can…today.

A Mid-Year Appeal - Give Today - Community Vision

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