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2016 Celebration of Leadership

Leadership Osceola - Class of 2016

The arrival of summer time this year means far more than just a reunion under sunny skies of Osceola County. Nearly a week before officially welcoming a new season, Community Vision had the great honor of welcoming twenty nine special graduates to the stage at the Ball Room of the Americas, the heart of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

These graduates are the Leadership Osceola class of 2016, a group of distinguished representatives from business, government, non-profit, and community sectors of Osceola County, whom through Leadership Osceola, have amplified their leadership skills and heightened their awareness of community concerns that are deemed most relevant.
When participants of the Leadership Osceola program were asked what they considered one of the most valuable takeaways from their twelve week experience, the majority stated “exposure to Osceola County’s vast, yet not-so-apparent, resources” as their answer.

Many participants, for instance, were shocked to discover that the Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) is one of the nation’s top relief providers, distributing personnel and other resources whenever disaster strikes anywhere in the country. Few community leaders are aware of the capabilities of local companies such as KUA, consequently curtailing themselves, and ultimately our community, of many potential resources.
Community Vision’s Work Ready Program Manager, Jackie Murray participated in 2016 Leadership Osceola. Jackie loved many things about her class but what stood out to her the most was the exceptional bond, and the unity, that developed within the class of 2016. “To observe how a multitude of distinct personalities was able to get on the same page for the sake of one purpose was truly incredible,” explained Jackie. She also commented on the class’ commendable drive and passion by saying that “within a group of people, you’ll usually only find a few who are willing to take the initiative. In this class, everyone was far more than willing to take the initiative. It was amazing.”

Jackie’s thoughts about the class were more than just her observation, and there are numbers to prove it. The Leadership Osceola class of 2016 was made up of a fiery bunch who did not settle for being considered a ‘good class.’ They wanted to forever be remembered as the “BEST CLASS EVER”.

“The Best Class Ever” Annual Fundraising campaign challenges light hearted rivalries between current and past classes and turns them into fundraising opportunities. Participating classes compete to raise more money than previous classes through creative fundraisers of their choice in order to be considered ‘the best class ever.’ This year the combined classes raised over $6,000.00 in individual contributions. The Leadership Osceola class of 2016 blew everyone away by raising an amount totaling over $4,000.00 through silent auction and individual fundraising efforts.

All proceeds from “The Best Class Ever” go towards ever increasing operations and administrative cost to run Leadership Osceola. This program has an annual unmet need of over $35,000.00 that must be raised annually by Community Vision through local fundraising efforts.

Thanks to such determined participants and the collective efforts of many supporting entities, Leadership Osceola once again concludes in great success. Community Vision is excited to see what this group of leaders will achieve within the community with their newly acquired knowledge and awareness.

We would also like to thank everyone and anyone who supported us through this endeavor (check out our fun video links).

We look forward to doing it all over again in 2017…will the next class be even better?!

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